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Название организации:
ЗАО Kuusakoski
Вид деятельности:
Краткая информация:
Kuusakoski produces semifinished goods and recycled materials to meet the needs of industry, factories and foundries. Kuusakoski supplies the Far East, Europe and the Nordic countries. Our sales services and production lines operate according to the demands of the customer; we produce raw materials in everything from small quantities to large volumes in the exact composition specified to suit our customers’ production needs. Our international logistics expertise ensures uninterrupted material flows in production and deliveries throughout the world. Our annual production was approximately 2.5 million tonnes in 2005. Our product groups: Ferrous Stainless steel Non-Ferrous and plastics
Полная информация:
Почтовый адрес:
93263 Minijos162, Klaipeda, Lithuania LT-5804
Юридический адрес:
93263 Minijos162, Klaipeda, Lithuania
+370 46 397 040
+370 46 397 050
Дата изменения информации:
13 Август 2007 года

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