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Представительство Aurohill Group
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Aurohill Global Commodities Limited has been established in 1998 by international trade managers. The company is based in Cyprus, with first office established in Kiev, Ukraine. Prime activity of the company was export of steel products from various steel mills based in CIS. Moscow Representation Office has been established in 1999 to develop supplies of pipes from Russian mills. Being positioned in seamless steel pipe market, Aurohill have been increasing export quantities from quarter to quarter. Today our name is well-known to all pipe mills in Russia, as well as to a number of customers around the world. Our main markets for exports are Italy, France, Central America (Mexico, Guatemala, Trinidad, Chile), Middle East (Israel, UAE, Jordan), Far East (Philippines, Malaysia, China); we are developing such markets as Germany, UK and other European markets, USA, Canada, Singapore, Chili and etc. Our company supplied about 25% of total quantity of seamless pipes, delivered under European quota for seamless pipes from Russia in 2001-2002.
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117198 г.Москва, Ленинский проспект, д.113, к.1, офис 704-Е
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117198 г.Москва, Ленинский проспект, д.113, к.1, офис 704-Е
7 (495) 9565801
7 (495) 9565802
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17 Декабрь 2008 года

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